Who is the real J-Shep?

Heated words have been exchanged between the Sheps.  Sources tell us that J-Shep demanded he was the real J-Shep.  J-Shep has bought therealjshep.com as the other J-Shep bought JShepMusic.com.  The two have been battling online space and search results for some years now.

J-Shep does gospel music and the other J-Shep does R&B / Pop / Hip Hop music. the two are black which for a lot of white people makes it hard to tell the two apart. A conspiracy theory contests that they are the same person. what amazes us is that there are more J-Shep’s out there. There’s a DJ J-Shep, Trainer J-Shep, among others. What J-Shep is your favorite? and who is the real J-Shep?