Nascar Team Owner Melissa Lebron Is Black: And Her Empire Is Growing


CEO of W. M. Stone Enterprises, Inc. Coutrá Music Group, Inc & E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc.


Melissa Lebron is a woman of very high standard a loyalty.  She finds her footing in her faith in GOD, family, and friends, and getting to that bag.  There are no shorts taking when this lioness of Zion is marching forward, she is very decisive in her decision making and has a keen eye for the next investment to add to her already impressive portfolio.

Nascar has drastically changed over the years with more blacks seeming to be involved in not only the racing but ownership also. As of now, we are seeing the partial divider and maybe one-day we will see a Black figurehead have the full ownership of a Nascar team.  One step at a time.  But this is about the now,  I want the young men and women out there that read BAZILMUZIK.COM to know this woman, follow her journey and dare to dream as she has.

Melissa Lebron has seen limits and boundaries I am sure,  yet her drive and will to be something great and in all respects, a positive example for her 7 children, is I am sure on a bet, her main reason for striving as she does.