Get The Bag – Starring “Hoopz”

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is back in the spotlight

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is known for three things: winning the VH1 reality television shows “Flavor of Love,” and “I Love Money,” and getting her heartbroken by NBA vet, Shaquille O’Neal.  Now she has launched a new app for the ladies out there, called “GET THE BAG”




Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander went from nothing to something right before our very eyes.  Clearing an estimated $250,000 from her reality tv show run, Nicole slowly faded into a world of  “WHERE DID SHE GO” reality TV stars when she can very well become one of the brightest to do it.  But first she has another bag to get and you to can get the bag with  Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander as she has partnered with Otaku Gang Interactive to bring you “GET THE BAG”.   




Make your way through New York, London, Paris and Tokyo matching luxury gems, dollar bills and bags to win the ultimate prize. Reality TV star Nicole “Hoopz”Alexander accompanies you as the host on your journey to “Get The Bag”.  An please keep in mind, very few women out there really know what it feel like touching that bag, so I think she may make a great tour guide.





The game is  free-to-play across all smartphone and tablet platforms and click the link to download now!

Download Get The Bag here 10/06/17