Antron is the NHRA’s first African American champion

Antron Brown

NHRA Top Fuel Pilot



Antron Brown is an American drag racer, currently driving the Matco Tools Toyota He is known for winning the 2012, 2015 and 2016 Top Fuel championships. Antron is the sport’s first African American champion. Brown continues to add to his prestige as he hunts down another NHRA title for 2017 in Las Vegas.


In all my days I have never heard of a black man or african american driving in the NHRA, it is almost as if now we can start expecting blacks to be walking around, talking about they are a part of the NRA now.  Just one of those things that is unheard of, in today’s times or any times in American history.


Yet Mr. Antron Brown has broking that barrier and has been setting the record straight for the last few years, staying under the public radar amongst the inner city youth, when he should be highly considered as a role model part of a diverse trade and industry to be followed.  I sure hope Antron will be inspiring more black boys and young men to want to be TOP FUEL dragsters, or even just more blacks in the sport of NHRA and NASCAR.